Recent studies in developmental psychology show that fostering the quality of connection between team members or stakeholders can turn into the most powerful leverage for lasting wellbeing and impact.

How can strengthening the relationships within your team build capacity to lean in when things become difficult, and powerfully inform your team’s efforts with its inherent diverse intellect and creativity?

Where can working well with difference and intensity be the catalyst for your teams’ performance and well-being?

In order for teams to thrive, we need to focus not just on high-achievement, but on humanizing and harmonizing what we do. Especially when moving through difficult times. For teams, and individuals, the way to bring our full clarity, commitment and creativity to our work is to create shared meaning and flow between the parts and the whole – between inner and outer, between individuals and the group.

When that which is actually happening for your team members is allowed to enter the shared space of the team, trust and connection grow, teams more easily find their flow, and create better, more robust and innovative ways forward. 

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment
it grows in, not the flower.“- Alexander Den Heijer

Working with teams, we take a look at the counterproductive patterns of relating that inevitably shape the quality of collaboration within a team. Surfacing different perspectives and their creative tension allow for teams to move beyond difficulties and conflict and to liberate a culture of creativity and co-creation, grow trust, build connection, and improve overall effectiveness.

From there, we co-create conscious practices and a powerful set of principles that will sustainably improve not only team performance but make working together more joyful and satisfying. 

In workshops and coachings, I support you and your team to gain awareness of your current culture of collaboration, create clarity on the culture you wish to create, and develop the principles, processes, practices and interventions that get you there. 

Some doors open only from inside.

– Hafiz