The relationships we are in in work, life and love are our biggest teachers and the best place for our growth. They bring it all up.

And as the recent 75-year study out of Harvard shows, the quality of our relationships is the most important factor for our wellbeing. Individually and collectively, I’d like to add. Our capacity to be in real relationship with ourselves and each other, to work through immense difficulties and find the way forward is core to creating cultures and societies that work for all. Relationships are the soil.

And they are also the most difficult often. What most teams and collaborations struggle with often resides in the relational field vs. the content they are working on. When the relationships are strong and resilient, most everything is figureoutable.

Are you deep in the mud, looking for an experienced guide to help you grow lotus from the struggles you are in? 

Bring more awareness to your or your teams ways of being, build relational muscles and lead relationships toward greater understanding, deeper connection, and richer collaboration.


Are you feeling there is a depth in what you are struggling with you aren’t accessing yet?
Are you experiencing disconnects, within yourselves, in your relationships, in your ways of living?


Do you know there is a different way of working with the difficulties,
conflict and intensity you are facing together, but can’t quite get there?
Do you want your relationships to be containers for growth for all involved? 


Do you want to grow trust and build deeper connection in your team to go further together?
Is working differently with difference and conflict the catalyst for your team’s performance and wellbeing?


I work with leaders, lovers, duos, teams and families to get to the developmental juice at the center of the struggles we are all facing. My approach is informed by cutting edge adult development insight, the integral lens on life itself, systemic creative conflict engagement work and a deep commitment to amplifying peace and wellbeing between people and within. I coach individuals and facilitate duos and small teams into the subtleties of human interactions to amplify alignment, flow and shared focus.

Together we look for more impactful, elegant and caring ways to be with what is most challenging. I offer guidance and perspective to stimulate a more clarified presence in conflict, more authentic presence in relationships, and a richer inner integration to lead others from. 


When we are sitting in the fire of difficulties, the way forward we see is naturally narrow. We are a part of the intensity, deeply immersed, our view is partial. It is vital then to gain new perspectives on how to move forward in the given situation. With new perspectives, new opportunities come in, we simply have more choice. This is where I come in.

This work is complex, there is no one-fit-all formula or path through complex challenges. Therefore, working with me is a bespoke experience, I design the approach tailored to your specific needs and context, after an intake evaluation and strategy session. We will explore both individual and collective, as well as internal and external dimensions, integrate insights and co-create solutions with all these dimensions in mind.

Bringing someone into your biggest challenges requires trust. Here is how we can meet and explore working together:

  1. Read what some of my recent clients and collaborators say about working with me.
  2. I offer a free 30-45 minutes introductory call for us to connect and orient and help you (and others involved) get clear on your needs and options forward, whether that includes working with me or not.
  3. If we are a yes, you can book me to design and roll out the tailored approach for your intent. I guide us in “building the bridge as we walk on it”, stable enough to move us towards your intent, and flexible enough to work with your specific situation.

Ready to explore further? 

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“I am passionately curious about how we can get along as humans,
better & bigger,
and how our differences can unite and enrich vs. separate us.”