Vishal Jodhani

The biggest transformation for me through working with Nina was the sense of clarity around what truly matters to me, and the practice of courage to pursue it more intentionally. I left with a re-calibration of my inner compass and a renewed source of energy. I’d recommend Nina with absolute conviction. She has the ability to listen with curiosity and empathy; and the skill of crafting powerful questions that move the conversation to a much deeper level. I found myself zooming in and out, framing and re-framing, and being able to articulate my newly gained insights. Nina knows how to create and hold a strong and safe container to explore, to allow for chaos on the way to clarity, and to harvest the learnings along the well-designed coaching journey. I truly admire how she can offer enough structure and yet hold it lightly to make room what wants to emerge. Above all, I felt most grateful for Nina’s genuine care and commitment to my growth and my goals – and I know she went above and beyond to empower me on my quest.

Vishal Jodhani I Expert Principal Innovation I Bain & Company
Berlin, Germany