Stefan Weber

Nina understands like no other, very systematically and consistently and with a powerful visual language, how to unbury your own wishes and beliefs, to illuminate them, to question and to re-arrange them that it not only is ok obviously, but also makes sense big time. These are pretty intense sessions, accompanied by tasks for my everyday life, in which old patterns of behaviors and especially patterns of thought are quickly recognized, and new perspectives and attitudes are adopted and slowly implemented. Yep, it´s exhausting, absolutely personal, extremely emotional, and thus at the same time refreshingly practicable beyond these sessions. Nina Nisar is a real one-of-a-kind expert, five star rating from me.

Stefan Weber I Executive I Deutsche Bahn AG
Frankfurt, Germany

Claudia Croci

Nina is the most amazing woman I have been working with. The way she has been able to support me is unique – her approach is unique. She is able to combine different methods and tools that perfectly fit what I exactly need and she helps me moving forward – regardless of how challenging the process is. Above everything, Nina is able to make me feel safe and secure – in a way that allows me to open up freely without any fear of being judged. She is truly inspiring and I wish that everyone could have the chance to work with and benefit from her the way I do.

Claudia Croci I Senior Specialist Division for Peace 
United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
Geneva, Switzerland

Nynke Marije Feenstra

Nina has been a sharp guide and supported me to widen my perspectives on how I can be with my challenges. I really appreciated her focus on embodiment, my mind knew what to do, but to feel it in the body and integrating it in the way I show up was what I needed most. I’m grateful for the process and can highly recommend Nina as a coach.

Nynke Marije Feenstra I Entrepreneur
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jay Rothman

Ninas coaching helped me gain several insights out of a challenging conflict situation that I wouldn’t have discovered had there not been a conflict and her coaching about it. She is an outstanding mediator, among other reasons, because: She listens with all her heart (it’s an odd expression but made much less so in being heard by her). This is healing. She brings a gentle strength and strong gentleness to her engagement with people, in both collaborative and conflictual contexts. And indeed, she doesn’t shy from conflict. She knows that like art, like dance, like life, differences are the birthplace of creatively.

Jay Rothman I President, The ARIA Group, Inc. I Co-Editor International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution I San Diego, USA & Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Alexandra von Winning

I felt like my challenges were piling up and my known mechanisms to deal with things were not working anymore. The biggest transformation in working with Nina was discovering new sides within me and deeply understanding that if I change my own attitude towards a situation, the situation itself will transform. I learned that rather than aiming at behavior change in others, I can expand my own way of being in a situation. I would absolutely recommend Nina’s services to others, she is gifted in intuition and capacity tracking her clients challenges and guiding the way to an integrated way forward – step by step, close to reality and with great empathy.

Dr. Alexandra von Winning I CEO LABL gGmbH
Frankfurt, Germany

Vishal Jodhani

The biggest transformation for me through working with Nina was the sense of clarity around what truly matters to me, and the practice of courage to pursue it more intentionally. I left with a re-calibration of my inner compass and a renewed source of energy. I’d recommend Nina with absolute conviction. She has the ability to listen with curiosity and empathy; and the skill of crafting powerful questions that move the conversation to a much deeper level. I found myself zooming in and out, framing and re-framing, and being able to articulate my newly gained insights. Nina knows how to create and hold a strong and safe container to explore, to allow for chaos on the way to clarity, and to harvest the learnings along the well-designed coaching journey. I truly admire how she can offer enough structure and yet hold it lightly to make room what wants to emerge. Above all, I felt most grateful for Nina’s genuine care and commitment to my growth and my goals – and I know she went above and beyond to empower me on my quest.

Vishal Jodhani I Expert Principal Innovation I Bain & Company
Berlin, Germany