Do you want to grow trust and build deeper alignment to go further together? 

Is it time to clear the space of your relationship, reassess roles and commitments, and find new ways forward together?

Whether you are a founder-duo, co-leading initiatives, business partners, life partners, family members or colleagues, you are probably experiencing a sense of urgency to find new ways together, move beyond conflict, build deeper trust and reestablish your relationship in ways that work for both of you. 

Most of us didn’t have the modelling around us though to learn our relational muscle really well. And we may not have access to the kindness needed to shift the challenges we are facing, within ourselves and with others, with conflicts and difficulties already having left their traces on the relationships we are in.

Living healthy relationships with self and others is cultural medicine, it makes or breaks teams, has families thrive, and sustains us as individuals.

In my work with duos, I guide you to (re)establish good communication, look at and integrate your shared past, and create a powerful new context for your relationship, so you can do your best work together!

In that, we bring attention to the subtle layers of our human interactions, to what’s underneath and behind, and from that place, apply practical wisdom to your unique situation.

 Our work together will involve one-on-one coaching as well as duo work to allow for individual and shared insight and growth, and build a strong container for your way forward.

Enhance your ability to be right in the intensity and hold your own as well as the other one’s learning with grace and strength. 

We must, all of us, learn actually not to have enemies, but only confused adversaries who are ourselves in disguise.

– Alice Walker