I am an Integral Professional Coach with 15+ years of experience coaching and facilitating in diverse cultural and institutional contexts. I am committed to supporting individuals and organizations leveraging relational skills and personal development for cultures of extraordinary collaboration, alignment and well being. I am passionate about the deep work that enriches our experience and expands our repertoire of living and creating masterfully, in the face of the ever-evolving challenges life puts in front of us. 

Leading (ourselves) well in moments of conflict and difficulty is what I get called in most, a place that breaks me open and excites me deeply for its potential and deep humanity. And I get it, I’ve been there, and continue to learn with every client and person I engage with: 

Life is wild, relationships are practice, and conflict is difficult, most personal and can be absolutely consuming. The way we show up in our relationships in the face of challenges makes or breaks teams, it grows us as individuals, or keeps us stuck in mostly unconscious behavior. And it is what makes an organizational culture a learning, humane and thriving one, or not.

I know the potency of moving in on our differences, of engaging instead of moving away from. It is medicine in this time to build strong relationships to ourselves and each other, without compromising on either our sovereignty, nor our sense of belonging and togetherness. I enliven that space daily, living life with a man of a very different background, and am deeply moved by the complex challenges of our times – personal, societal, global. I believe in the potential to evolve in how we show up to them, to each other and the world. My sweet spot lies in the intersection of self-leadership, accessing conflict as potential, affirming healthy structures and building thriving cultures.

I have been a student of positive psychology, adult development and interpersonal dynamics for the past 20 years. My interests range from personal development to relational intelligence, creative conflict engagement and participatory systems leadership. I am a possibilitarian, highly creative, both visionary and pragmatic. I am fascinated by the question of what difficult times teach us, and how we can bring our deepest insights into practice.

Over the past 15 years working with teams, individuals and on whole organization levels, I learned that all is a set of relationships, everything. And what is in the way of satisfying relationships, good collaboration and thriving wellbeing and performance isn’t so much the lack of just the right idea or strategy, or the competence of individuals.

It usually is our ability to engage the deeply human aspects in our work and life setting: communicating authentically, working well with diversity, and tapping into the creative potential in conflict. It’s in the subtleties of our human interaction. It’s the power and potential of the work we can each do, our inside, the invisible aspects of our humanness I focus on. I support you in deepening your capacity to be with disturbance and conflict in a generative way, and create powerfully from that place.

I am also a mother of two, Zen practitioner and health foody, living in Frankfurt, Germany as well as the co-founder of Leaning in to Conflict, a capacity building collaborative consulting on creative conflict engagement for learning and cooperation, and the co-founder and creative director of “MADE IN Afghanistan”, a social enterprise and product label, contributing to a strong, empowered and peaceful future of Afghanistan.

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