How can strengthening the relational container in your team build capacity to lean in when things become difficult, and inform your teams performance with its inherent diversity?

And where can working well with conflict be the catalyst for your teams’ performance and well-being?

Catalyze your teams performance and wellbeing through deep relational work, realize leadership potential to transform conflict and culture and collaborate effectively and meaningful towards a shared vision.

Conflict, internal or between individuals, makes or breaks teams. In order to thrive, we need to focus not just on high-achievement, but on humanizing and harmonizing what we do. For teams, and individuals, the way to bring our full clarity, commitment and creativity to our work is to create flow between the parts and the whole – between inner and outer, between individuals and the group.

In workshops and coachings, I support you and your team working creatively with disturbance inherent in conflict, change and innovation.

Conflict is part of human nature and existence, always has been and will be. It is a potent place of much learning and creativity. It is our conditioned narrow way of approaching it that makes it destructive, often threatening and dangerous, even violent. We can learn to access the potential in conflict, become more skillful in navigating it, evolve through it even, from the inside out.

My work is grounded in empowering our inner capacities to be with conflict in a generative way. I support individuals and teams to approach conflict as an opportunity to evolve, and in that transform the culture of how we are with each other. Knowing ourselves well is at the center of knowing our sameness and connectedness, as well as our differences and creative tensions. Gaining an understanding of adult development and the aspects driving our actions and, in many cases often unhealthy, ways of interaction enable us to connect in depth and work from the potent place of compassion for self and others.