Relational Leadership

The relationships we are in in work, life and love are the best place for our growth. They bring it all up.

Are you ready to be transformed by what you are struggling with?

We can meet every difficulty as an invitation to relate deeper – to ourselves and others, to find the way forward from what’s true in the moment. What we perceive, and how we relate to it, is shaped by our present stage of development. In other words, how we make sense of our reality powerfully influences our perception and how we interpret stimuli.

We are all in the making, learning and growing as we go about life, and living a multitude of relationships as we are.

Most of us didn’t have the modelling around us though to learn our relational muscle well, to grow in connection with others. And we often don’t have the love in us that is needed to shift the challenges we are facing, with conflicts and difficulties already having left their traces on our relationships.

Living healthy relationships with self and others is cultural medicine, it makes or breaks teams, has families thrive, and sustains us as individuals. I work with leaders, lovers, duos, team and families to get to the developmental juice at the center of the struggles.

My approach is informed by cutting edge adult development insight, the integral lense on life itself, systemic creative conflict engagement work and a deep commitment to amplifying peace and wellbeing between people and within. I coach individuals and facilitate duos and small teams into the subtleties of our human being and interactions. Together we look for more impactful, elegant, caring ways to be with what is most challenging. I offer guidance and perspective to stimulate a more clarified presence in conflict, more authentic presence in relationships, and a richer inner integration to lead others from.

●     Are you feeling there is a depth in what you are struggling with you aren’t accessing yet? Are you experiencing disconnects, within yourselves, in your relationships, your ways of living?

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●     Are you experiencing the same destructive patterns in conflicts over and over again? Do you want to tap into the potential that’s present in those moments of intensity?

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