Grow in true partnership

Deep relational work for intentional individuals, duos, leaders and teams

The relationships we are in in work, life and love are our biggest struggle and best place for our growth. They bring it all up.

Are you ready to be transformed by what you are struggling with?

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I´m Nina

I´m a relational leadership coach, organizational culture consultant, and passionate mama and life partner.

My work and this site is dedicated to empowering intentional individuals in the making (we all are!) to grow up and lotus through the mud of our relationships in work, life and love.

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Hi, I am Nina

You are intentional, self-aware and committed to your inner work. You know where you want to be, yet are finding yourself limited creating that with the people around you.

You need support to grow with the relationships you are in.


I offer guidance, perspective, and developmental practice to individuals who want to strengthen their relational intelligence, come into deeper connection with themselves and others, create powerfully from there. You're invited into a thought-provoking and creative relationship that potentiates new avenues for development in your life. our work together welcomes you into new ways of being for a richer, more easeful, powerful, and fulfilling you.